The thoughtful tourist's guide to intellectual property via reading

Ever wanted to visit a place mentioned in a book?  In recent writing workshops Hazel's shared Literary Tourism: the enjoyment  of researching the 'real' locations for fiction but also the factual settings of her books: like 'Antarctica' or Darwin for 'Outback Ferals' . The Frequent Flyer Twins e-books link to Singapore, Cairns,  Sydney and New Zealand's Milford Track. And 'f2m:the boy within' links the co-authors in Melbourne and New Zealand even if the setting of the novel is universal. 

This is also a relevant kind of mapping for  historians who may wish to visit significant sites for their families. Or for students who like doing 'Literary Walks' of a city which is the setting of a book or series.  Literary Tourism is a kind of map of ideas, and an excuse to visit!

How to browse the map

  • Click on a book cover to read more about that book
  • Drag the map around to see more of the world
  • Zoom in on a location to see where it's pinpointed (Hint: do this for the Antarctic locations!)
  • If you need more room, open the map on Google maps to use the whole screen